Interested in power and its dynamics, Sheila aligns her work along the axis of ideological deformation, playing with values and aesthetics of semiotic systems. The result is a raw, impure and sharply ironic work.

Even though she has been seriously immersed in Classical Ballet, Modern and Contemporary Dances, Butoh, Belly Dancing, theatre, video and academia, her influences are widespread, drawing from urban communication, advertisement and human, artistic and intellectual exchanges.


In 1992, she founded dona orpheline under whom she has been producing contemporary choreography for video and live performance. Presented in Brazil, Canada and Europe, her work fuses libido and confusion, tenderness and decadence and its style reflects her fascination with one’s status as well as with the conditioning of desire, illusion and manipulation.

She has been working with Benoit Lachambre, Joe Hiscott, Martin Bélanger, George Stamos, Matthieu Doze, Motaz Kabbani, Sophie Deraspe, Edgard Scandurra, Maurício Pereira and Rogério Rochlitz. She also collaborates with Faustin Linyekula, Zab Maboungou, Christophe Wavelet, Adilson Nacimento and Carlos Pez.
Sheila has been dancing for 22 years. She also writes.

Show (2004);
Pay Here (2003);
The first REAL human clone (2003);
Vacation (2003);
diet Subtitles (2002);
Flea Market: we are used and cheap (1999);
I love Maria Lúcia (1995);
Food in the trash (1993);

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